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Below you can find the flight schedule for Manila to Davao for February. If you are looking for flight fares, please check the cheap flights Manila to Davao, or you can use the search form at the top.

AirlineFlight numberDepartureArrivalFlight time
Cebu Pacific Air 5J961 06:00 07:50 1h 50m
Cebu Pacific Air 5J963 06:45 08:50 2h 5m
Cebu Pacific Air 5J975 08:35 10:45 2h 10m
Cebu Pacific Air 5J951 10:35 12:45 2h 10m
Cebu Pacific Air 5J977 15:10 17:00 1h 50m
Cebu Pacific Air 5J971 16:45 19:00 2h 15m
Cebu Pacific Air 5J973 18:00 20:15 2h 15m
Cebu Pacific Air 5J981 21:05 23:05 2h 0m
Cebu Pacific Air 5J983 22:00 00:05 2h 5m
Philippine Airlines PR1809 04:00 05:50 1h 50m
Philippine Airlines PR1811 06:35 08:35 2h 0m
Philippine Airlines PR1813 09:25 11:15 1h 50m
Philippine Airlines PR1815 12:30 14:25 1h 55m
Philippine Airlines PR1823 18:55 20:45 1h 50m
Philippines AirAsia Z2611 06:10 08:05 1h 55m
Philippines AirAsia Z2613 15:40 17:40 2h 0m
Philippines AirAsia Z2615 20:40 22:30 1h 50m
Philippines AirAsia Z2621 21:45 23:45 2h 0m

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