The Luxury of Garuda Indonesia First Class Facilities

The Luxury of Garuda Indonesia First Class Facilities

25 Aug 2013 07:47:00

In July 2013, Garuda Indonesia officially opened the First Class service. This is not the first time Garuda presenting First Class service. Garuda has been presented First Class service previously, but because of the minimum amount of demand, Garuda then removed it in 1995 and recently in 2013 it was re-opened. Garuda’s First Class Service is applied to Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. As for the route itself is still limited, only for Jakarta-Jeddah and Jakarta-Tokyo, but Garuda plans to add the route of Jakarta- Sydney and Jakarta-London. Boeing 777-300ER aircraft is able to carry 314 passengers, which includes eight passenger seats for First Class, 38 passenger seats in business class and 268 passenger seats for economy.

First Class service is different from other classes service. Garuda Indonesia has designed the First Class seats up to cabin very luxurious. Not only that, some super special services would spoil the users of First Class. Some First Class service of Garuda Indonesia that you can enjoy, such as Pre Journey, a First Class service that begins even before boarding the plane. First Class ticket holders will be picked up by limousine and served by First Class officer who will ensure all flight preparation and needs are met. During the flight, you will be accompanied by First Class Assistant and Butler that will help you starting from the process of check-in, baggage, immigration and all the necessities you need.

Then there is also the Pre Flight, where you will enjoy the best service before the flight in a luxury lounge for First Class with exclusive facilities while waiting for the flight time. You can also get the In-Flight service, where you will experience private First Class Suite with very spacious and comfortable seats and can be used to be a very comfortable bed so when you get in the destination you will wake up refreshed. Your flight will also be accompanied by a variety of entertainment and advanced connection. And the most interesting, you can order a variety of specials and exclusive menu prepared directly by on-board professional chef. Arriving at your destination, you will feel the Post Flight services where there is a special officer who will assist you in immigration and baggage collection procedures, as well as limousine service that will take you to your destination.

Then with all the super luxury services how much money should you spend to enjoy Garuda’s First Class? Do not be surprised, you should set up a fund of approximately U.S. $ 8,000 per seat. However, according to Sales and Marketing Director of PT. Garuda Indonesia, Erik Meijer, First Class airfares are the same as in general. You can get cheaper price if you book it earlier. According to him, it is difficult to determine airfares nowadays because it should be adjusted with the place and time. Are you excited to try?

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