The Sophisticating of Garuda Indonesia’s Boeing 777-300ER

The Sophisticating of Garuda Indonesia’s Boeing 777-300ER

6 Sep 2013 19:06:00

Recently, airline industry in Indonesia is getting crowded . Still remember at the beginning of the year , Lion Air had caused a stir by buying new aircraft . Without hesitation, Lion Air even bought 234 new Airbus aircrafts worth U.S. $ 24 billion . Garuda Indonesia seems that they don't wanna be outdone . In last July , the new aircraft ordered by Garuda Indonesia has been officially accepted . From the total 10 Boeing 777 - 30ER ordered , two aircrafts have been accepted by Garuda and will be followed by two other planes at the end of this year . For the other three aircrafts will be shipped in 2014 and the remaining three are scheduled to arrive in 2015 .

Boeing 777 - 300ER aircraft is one of the sophisticated aircraft made by Boeing Commercial Airplanes . This aircraft is one type of aircraft with quite a lot passenger capacity , which is 314 passengers in total. Boeing 777-300ER aircraft is equipped with General Electric GE90-115B aircraft engine with diameters larger than the Boeing 737 cabin . This aircraft engine is also claimed as an aircraft engine with the strongest thrust in the world . Its wheel steering system uses fly-by-wire , the steering system is often used for combat type aircraft . With this steering system , turbulence symptoms that occur when the pilot moves the steering lever can be handled . The aircraft is also equipped with an integrated LCD screen shaped in glass cockpit .

Not just the engine alone is sophisticated but it also has very complete facilities , ranging from the wifi on the plane making Garuda as the first airline in Indonesia which using the wifi service on board . Services such as chef on board who considered able to change the habits of domestic airlines occured and other facilities such as TV with live broadcast , it would be very pampering passengers . No wonder the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft is to be best in its class that has successfully bearing the title of Best Aircraft for five consecutive years in the event the Leading Edge Awards.

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